Bertie Tupper’s Expert LANTRA ATV Training Elevates Skills at Rendcomb College, Gloucestershire

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ATV training in Gloucestershire

In the scenic heart of Gloucestershire, Rendcomb College’s ground staff team, under the skilled leadership of Brett Leese, recently embarked on a journey of skill enhancement and professional development with Bertie Tupper, the esteemed founder of TUPPCO. This initiative saw the team undergo comprehensive LANTRA-accredited training and assessments, focusing on the proficient operation of sit-in all-terrain vehicles, notably a highly capable Kawasaki. This programme not only signifies a leap towards operational excellence but also reinforces Rendcomb College’s dedication to maintaining its prestigious grounds to the highest standard.

Navigating New Terrains: The LANTRA ATV Training

The training programme, meticulously designed and delivered by Bertie Tupper, covered all facets of operating the Kawasaki all-terrain vehicle, from basic handling and safety protocols to advanced manoeuvring techniques. This hands-on approach ensured that the ground staff team at Rendcomb could confidently navigate the diverse terrains of the college, enhancing not just the aesthetic appeal of the grounds but also ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff alike.

Rendcomb College: A Beacon of Excellence in Gloucestershire

Nestled in the Cotswolds, Rendcomb College has long been celebrated not just for its academic prowess but also for its stunning rural setting and well-kept grounds. The college’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the classroom, with a keen focus on creating a vibrant, welcoming environment that stimulates learning and personal growth. Through initiatives like the LANTRA ATV training, Rendcomb College showcases its dedication to community and environmental stewardship, further cementing its status as a key influencer in the local area.

Brett Leese and His Groundbreaking Team

At the helm of these efforts is Brett Leese, whose leadership and vision have been instrumental in maintaining the college’s grounds to exceptional standards. The decision to invest in specialised training for his team reflects a forward-thinking approach, prioritising not only the upkeep of the college’s facilities but also the professional development of the staff. Under Brett’s guidance, the ground staff team is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of estate management, ensuring Rendcomb College remains a jewel in Gloucestershire’s crown.

Beyond Maintenance: The Wider Impact of Training

The collaboration between TUPPCO and Rendcomb College extends beyond mere grounds maintenance. It’s a testament to the college’s broader mission to contribute positively to the local community, fostering an environment where excellence is pursued in all endeavours. By upskilling the ground staff team, Rendcomb College not only enhances its own operations but also sets a benchmark for best practices in estate management across the educational sector.

Conclusion: A Partnership Rooted in Growth and Excellence

The partnership between Bertie Tupper of TUPPCO and Rendcomb College, led by the visionary Brett Leese, exemplifies the transformative power of specialised training. As Rendcomb College continues to inspire and educate future generations, the investment in the skill development of its ground staff team ensures that the college’s legacy is not only preserved but also enhanced. This initiative stands as a shining example of how commitment to excellence and community engagement can drive positive change, making Rendcomb College a pillar of the Gloucestershire community.

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