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NPORS 180° Excavator training – N201

Awarding Body:

National Plant Operators Registration Scheme - NPORS

Training course type:

On-site training and assessment, On-site Experience Worker Test (EWT) assessment only

Novice training course duration:

1-10 days dependant on any previous experience

Novice candidate numbers:


Experience Worker Tests per day:



Below 5 tonnes
Above & below 5 tonnes
Quick hitch theory

Card options:

5-year NPORS traditional card & certificate, 2-year CSCS trained operator red card

Minimum age:



If required


Bertie Tupper & Tuppco instructors

What is 180° Excavator?

A 180° Excavator gets its name from the boom attached to the vehicle which can pivot from left to right through 180°. It is also known as a Backhoe, which refers to the action of the shovel rather than its location on the machine. It is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of different jobs. This is included in the TUPPCO NPORS 180° Excavator training – N201

What does the TUPPCO NPORS 180° Excavator training course include?

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as an operator
  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular machine to be used
  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions
  • Be able to locate and identify key controls and explain their functions
  • Conduct all pre-operational checks in accordance with manufacturers and legislative requirements
  • Identify and maintain PPE appropriate for excavator 180° use
  • Prepare excavator 180° for use
  • Conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area
  • Operate machinery safely and efficiently
  • Environmental considerations
  • Storage and transport of excavator 180° attachments
  • Explain loading / unloading procedures for machine transportation
  • Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures

Venue and equipment requirements:

  • Suitable and safe area to dig trenches and backfill
  • Varying terrain and slopes
  • Bulk material to load vehicle
  • Vehicle or hopper to load (dumper, trailer)
  • Suitable and safe area to complete paperwork
  • Suitable welfare facilities
  • 180° Excavator with digging and grading buckets
  • Operators’ manual
  • Risk assessment completed

PPE Requirements:

  • Suitable head protection
  • Suitable eye protection
  • Suitable work clothes including wet weather
  • Gloves
  • Suitable work boots including steel toe protection
  • High Viz

HSE further information:

Theory assessment:

  • 20 multiple choice questions
  • 5 written questions
  • 4 marks per question
  • 80% pass mark required

Practical assessment criteria:

  • Pre use and operational checks
  • Excavate 4 trench’s and with right angles
  • Back fill with both backhoe and front bucket
  • Trench length: 6-metre square
  • Trench depth: 1 metre
  • Trench width: 1 buckets width
  • Manoeuvre through a chicane
  • Load material with backhoe and front bucket on to a vehicle/hopper x 2 each
  • Travel over varying and sloping ground
  • Remove and attach bucket/attachment
  • Excavator parked safely and isolated
  • Pass mark is less than 20 penalty points and no mandatory disqualifications
  • Time allowed is 2 hours 45 minutes

Where are the TUPPCO NPORS 180° Excavator on-site training courses delivered?

Southwest – Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Avon, Somerset, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire

Southeast – Oxfordshire, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex

Midlands – Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Shropshire

East Anglia – Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk

Aylesbury, Banbury, Basingstoke, Bath, Bedford, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Coventry, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Hungerford, Milton Keynes, Newbury, Northampton, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Reading, Salisbury, Southampton,

Stroud, Swindon, Taunton, Warwick, Winchester, Witney, Worcester, Yeovil


Attachments training can be included

Recognised industries:

Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Construction, Marine, Industrial, Fencing, Landscaping, Civils, Highways, Quarrying,

Known as:

Machine known as: Backhoe, Backhoe excavator, Backhoe digger, 3cx, 4cx, Wheeled machine, 180° excavator, Site master, Earthmover


JCB, Case, CAT, Mecalac, Terex


Excavate, dig, load, unload, use as crane, level, grade, grab,

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