Farming and Groundwork Training in Gloucestershire

At TUPPCO it’s our mission to bring you outstanding farming and groundwork training delivered by a Gloucestershire company renowned for our agriculture interests and endeavours. Accredited by the Land-based and Environmental Training and Registration Authority (LANTRA) which is well-respected in the industry, we help you thrive in your specialist area whilst providing essential courses that will make your day-to-day operations a success. Whether you’re new to farming and groundwork, looking to expand on your skills and experience, or in need of employees to be well-equipped when handling multiple tasks on the farm, we can assist with our variety of training programmes.

Farming and Groundwork Training

Based in Cirencester, the home of the Royal Agriculture University, we’re proud of our local heritage. That’s why we TUPPCO are so passionate about being an accredited LANTRA training provider with courses covering excavators and earthmovers, off-road vehicles, landscape and vegetation management, agriculture and fencing as well as tools and equipment. We understand the importance of having all bases covered in this field and provide on-site training and assessment to work around your schedule. Our relationships in farming and groundwork form part of our network of fantastic employers who rely on us to deliver up-to-date training in line with the latest regulations and compliance with the highest health and safety standards. We don’t just tick boxes, we exceed them with our specialist knowledge built up from years of experience by our founder and trusted leader in LANTRA trading, Bertie Tupper. Each course opens new possibilities for you and your employees.

Our Farming and Groundwork Training Courses

With over 45 courses to choose from, TUPPCO covers a wide spectrum of farming and groundwork training from animal transport to 4×4 off-road vehicles. We even provide a dedicated tractor driving course for 13-15-year-olds who are looking to progress their future careers with dedicated courses designed just for them. For those looking to explore Deer Stalking, Culling Techniques and Venison Butchery Processing, our instructor delivers a comprehensive course awarded by LANTRA that delves into all aspects of this specialism. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the courses and offer a free consultation about personalised programme development.

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