Forestry and Landscaping Training

Providing a full spectrum of forestry and landscaping training from practical skills to safety training, plant identification, equipment operation and environmental conservation. Accredited by the Land-Based and Environmental Training and Registration Authority (LANTRA), we adhere to the latest regulations by delivering courses that are highly regarded in the industry. TUPPCO understand the needs and specialist experience and knowledge needed for the variety of areas within land-based and environmental industries. Catered to your individual goals for those looking to follow an alternative path, invest in a new career, or widen the skills of your team, it’s our mission to help you successfully complete your chosen course.

Forestry and Landscaping Training with TUPPCO

Each and every training outlet that TUPPCO deliver is done to not just meet industry standards, but exceed them with our high-quality programme. Lead by Bertie Tupper whose respectable experience in fencing, landscaping and estate management makes our LANTRA-accredited courses a leading choice. We begin your training journey with a complimentary consultation to discuss how best you can utilise our expertise in giving a personalised programme that not only enhances your skill set but overall development too. We understand the latest compliance and legislation and have our finger on the pulse of new regulations demonstrating our commitment to the finest standards. By completing a LANTRA course not only are you highly recognised by an elite industry qualification, but you’re also adhering to the safety and efficiency in forestry and landscaping to the highest level. Our long-term relationships and collaborations across the board are there to future-proof your outcomes and build on years of traditions in this field for generations to come.

Our Forestry and Landscaping Training Courses

Specialists in developing the skills of those new to forestry and landscaping to building on existing portfolios to widen your breadth of knowledge and experience, our array of courses have something for all. From excavators to leaf blowing, pedestrian mowers, tree survey, hedge trimming, manual handling, ride-on roller and using woodchippers, we truly cover every corner of the industry to enable you to successfully carry out dedicated tasks that demonstrate your commitment to excellence and safety. From small projects to large-scale ones, our LANTRA courses are comprehensive in the range of equipment used and carried out on-site to work around your day-to-day operations.

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