Cull & Gralloch Course

PCG Cours

Awarding Body:

In House Certificate

Training course type:

Training and assessment

Novice training course duration:

1 - 3 days

Novice candidate numbers:

This comprehensive course is limited to 6 attendees to allow for group tasks and 1:1 personalised instruction where necessary, and upon completion of the course, there will be a short test of understanding

Card options:

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an in-house certificate of completion. Where required, we can also assist with FAC applications and variations

Minimum age:

Not available to Prohibited Persons (for reasons of gun control)


To gain the most from this training course, applicants should ideally have some experience in deer stalking or deer management, but this is not a necessity.



What is the Cull & Gralloch Course?

Introducing the unique deer cull and gralloch course. Designed to give you not only an insight into deer culling at a professional level, but also to give you the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience throughout the entire process from the shot*, to recovery, to preparing carcasses to customer specifications and finally placing the carcass into cold storage having inspected all internal organs and lymph nodes. Our Practical Culling, Gralloching and Carcass Management Course, delivered through a carefully structured field-based program will ensure that you gain as much practical experience as necessary whilst having the reassurance of professional support aimed at building your confidence in the field through the whole process of carcass management under field conditions. Our training partners have developed this opportunity for you as part of our professional skills development programs and aim to help you gain the necessary practical experience that will not only help you build up your professional skill set but also go a long way to helping you gain experience that will assist you in achieving your DSC Level 2 qualification.

Our trainers are distinct from almost all other training providers in the UK. All our training is developed from a solid foundation of over 40 years of professional experience in all aspects of wild, park and farmed deer management.

Our Deer Control Technicians and training instructors share one common aim – to deliver the finest training in the UK.

Culling of Live Deer*

All deer must be head shot with lead-free ammunition, and whilst there may be opportunities for delegates to cull deer, it will be at the discretion of the deer manager, and subject to successful completion of a shooting assessment using lead-free ammunition.

What does the training course include?

  • Health & Safety considerations
  • Planning coordinated culls
  • Safe working protocols in relation to park culls
  • Culling criteria and animal selection
  • Shot placement, effects & consequences
  • Carcass recovery techniques
  • Pre-gralloch inspection
  • Study of animal anatomy
  • Gralloching of culled deer to customer specifications
  • Detailed examination of all internal organs and lymph nodes
  • Preparation for cold storage of deer carcasses
  • Tagging and recording processes ready for collection

Part of our training strategy is for one of our professional team to observe your performance during the various training elements of the course. We will provide you with total support throughout all operational processes so that at the end of the day you will confident at carrying out safe, hygienic carcass management to professional standards. Our instructors will be onhand to deliver personal 1:1 training where needed. This is to ensure that you develop both knowledge and confidence of going into the field alone to carry out the culling and carcass management wild and park deer.

Recognised industries:

Agriculture, Public Sector, Horticulture, Forestry, Construction, Land based industry, Food & beverage, hospitality, Industrial, Fencing, Landscaping, Civils, Highways, Quarrying, Utilities, Councils, Shooting, Corporate, Sports, Estates

Known as:

Game cookery course, game butchery course

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