DSD (Course in Deer Stalking Development)

Deer Stalking Development DSD Course

Awarding Body:

In House

Training course type:

Training and assessment

Novice training course duration:

2 day

Novice candidate numbers:

We limit our courses to only 12 candidates to allow for 1:1 tuition where required.

Card options:

Upon completion of the course, you will receive our In house certificate of completion. Where required, we can also assist with FAC applications and variations

Minimum age:



To gain the most from this training course, applicants should ideally have some experience in deer stalking or deer management, but this is not a necessity.



What is DSD (Course in Deer Stalking Development)?

The course is designed for anyone that wants to develop their stalking skills so that they can reliably find deer within range that are relaxed, unaware of the stalker’s presence and engaged in natural behaviour. We have distilled the knowledge and experience of our best stalkers into the essential elements that make them consistently successful. These are the same hunting skills that have been used since man first walked the Earth and were the difference between eating and going hungry. Although these skills are generally used by professional stalkers, they are now within the grasp of anyone willing to learn and determined to succeed


What does the training course include?

Course Content includes:

  • Deer stalking as a sport and profession – The course overview
  • The BIG mistakes made by almost all stalkers
  • Deer senses and behaviour
  • Rifle set-up
  • How to move without disturbing deer
  • Reading the wind and how it affects your planning
  • Shot placement: reactions, effects and consequences
  • Basic tracking of wounded deer
  • Practical shooting positions that work in the field
  • Marksmanship requirements in relation to your quarry
  • Tips on how to improve without spending any money!
  • Carcass management for a quality product
  • Ethics in a modern world
  • An option to stalk fallow, roe and muntjac on our local estates

Five reasons why this course is for you:

1. When you go stalking you “bump” deer and you feel frustrated that you aren’t getting the results that you should

2. You want to improve your deer stalking but you aren’t sure how

3. You want to take advantage of years of professional knowledge and experience in as efficient way as possible

4. You want to learn proven techniques used by professionals that you can apply to your stalking right now and that will give you immediate results

5. You want to receive the best training available from a company that is at the leading edge of deer management and deer stalker training in the UK

Recognised industries:

Agriculture, Public Sector, Horticulture, Forestry, Construction, Land based industry, Industrial, Fencing, Landscaping, Civils, Highways, Quarrying, Utilities, Councils, Shooting, Corporate, Sports, Estates

Known as:

Deer Stalking training, Deer management training

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