Effective NPORS Loading Shovel Training and Assessments by Bertie Tupper of TUPPCO for Geotechnical in Gloucestershire

TUPPCO NPORS loading Shovel training and assessment in Gloucestershire

Geotechnical recently benefited from an NPORS Loading Shovel training and assessment session conducted by Bertie Tupper from TUPPCO, held at a site in Gloucestershire. This session underscored Geotechnical’s commitment to elevating operator skills and safety standards in loading shovel operations.

Overview of NPORS Loading Shovel Training and Assessments

The NPORS Loading Shovel training and assessments are critical for operators, focusing on their ability to safely and efficiently handle this essential equipment. The training covers a mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, preparing operators for a variety of working environments.

Bertie Tupper’s Expert Guidance

Led by Bertie Tupper, a renowned expert from TUPPCO, the training provided comprehensive instruction followed by rigorous assessments. Conducted at a practical site in Gloucestershire, Bertie utilised his extensive knowledge to train and assess Geotechnical’s operators, ensuring they met high standards of proficiency.

Training Dynamics at the Gloucestershire Site

The training was held in a real-world environment, enabling operators to directly interact with the machinery in a setting that mimicked actual working conditions. This approach reinforced the learning objectives and allowed for an effective evaluation of the operators’ skills through practical tests.

Outcomes of the Training and Assessments

Operators who participated in this session received certifications that validate their expertise in operating loading shovels, enhancing their professional development and contributing to safer workplace practices at Geotechnical.


The successful NPORS Loading Shovel training and assessments conducted by Bertie Tupper for Geotechnical at a site in Gloucestershire exemplify the importance of continuous training and certification in the construction industry. These sessions ensure that operators are not only equipped with the necessary skills but also adhere to the latest safety standards, fostering a culture of excellence and safety at Geotechnical.

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