Empowering Grounds Maintenance: Bertie Tupper’s Advanced LANTRA Robomower Course with McConnel Robocut for Kier’s Team in Kent

Kier Kent Robowmower training

Kier Robomower training in Kent

In the ever-evolving landscape of grounds maintenance, the integration of technology has marked a significant leap towards efficiency and environmental sustainability. Among these technological advancements, robotic mowers stand out for their ability to transform traditional landscaping practices. Leading the charge in this innovative field is Bertie Tupper of TUPPCO, who recently delivered a comprehensive LANTRA Robomower course using a McConnel Robocut to the team at Kier in Kent.

The Significance of Robotic Mowers in Modern Grounds Maintenance

Robotic mowers, like the McConnel Robocut, are at the forefront of modernising grounds maintenance. These machines offer unparalleled precision, efficiency, and a reduced carbon footprint, making them an invaluable asset for any landscaping professional. The adoption of such technology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces but also contributes to the safety and well-being of the community.

Overview of the LANTRA Robomower Course

The LANTRA Robomower course is specifically designed to equip grounds maintenance professionals with the skills and knowledge required to operate advanced robotic mowing equipment. This training covers everything from basic operation and maintenance to advanced troubleshooting and efficiency optimization, ensuring that participants can fully leverage the capabilities of robotic mowers like the McConnel Robocut.

Bertie Tupper and TUPPCO’s Role in Grounds Maintenance Education

Bertie Tupper, with his extensive experience and deep understanding of grounds maintenance, has become a pivotal figure in the field’s educational landscape. Through TUPPCO, Tupper has committed to raising the standards of professional training, ensuring that the workforce is equipped to meet the demands of modern landscaping practices.

The Collaboration with Kier in Kent

The recent collaboration between Bertie Tupper/TUPPCO and Kier, a leader in infrastructure services, underscores the growing recognition of the importance of advanced training in grounds maintenance. The training session aimed not only to enhance the skill set of Kier’s team in Kent but also to set a new benchmark for the industry’s operational excellence.

The Training Experience with McConnel Robocut

The hands-on training with the McConnel Robocut offered Kier’s team an invaluable opportunity to engage directly with cutting-edge technology. Participants were taken through a series of practical exercises, enabling them to experience firsthand the advantages of robotic mowers. The training emphasised efficiency, safety, and the environmental benefits of using such equipment, leaving the team well-equipped to implement these technologies in their projects.

The Impact and Future Implications

The successful completion of the LANTRA Robomower course by Kier’s team in Kent marks a significant milestone in the adoption of robotic mowing technology within the grounds maintenance industry. This training not only enhances the capabilities of the participants but also sets a precedent for the integration of technology in landscaping practices. As the industry continues to evolve, the demand for skilled professionals capable of operating advanced equipment like the McConnel Robocut will only increase.


The collaboration between Bertie Tupper of TUPPCO and Kier’s team in Kent represents a forward-thinking approach to grounds maintenance. By embracing the LANTRA Robomower course and the McConnel Robocut, Kier is leading by example, showcasing the potential of technology to revolutionise landscaping practices. As we move towards a more sustainable and efficient future, the importance of such training cannot be overstated.

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For those in the grounds maintenance industry, the time to embrace technology is now. We encourage you to explore TUPPCO’s training programs and consider how tools including the McConnel Robocut can enhance your services. Together, we can transform the landscape of grounds maintenance, one robotic mower at a time.

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