Leading-Edge Lantra Robotic Mower Training and Assessment in Witney, Oxfordshire

Lantra robotic mower training in oxfordshire with TUPPCO

Chevron recently participated in a Lantra Robotic Mower training and assessment course, expertly delivered by Bertie Tupper of TUPPCO, in Witney, Oxfordshire. This cutting-edge session is part of a drive to boost operational expertise and safety in robotic lawn care, aligning with the latest trends in landscaping technology.

Introduction to Lantra Robotic Mower Training and Assessments

The Lantra Robotic Mower training and assessment course is designed for operators who wish to master the art of robotic lawn maintenance. The training encompasses both practical skills and essential safety protocols, preparing operators to manage and maintain robotic mowers effectively and safely.

Bertie Tupper’s Expert Instruction

Under the guidance of Bertie Tupper from TUPPCO, Chevron’s team received comprehensive training that included hands-on assessments. This course was meticulously structured to provide both foundational knowledge and advanced operational techniques, ensuring participants are well-prepared to handle these sophisticated machines.

Training Dynamics in Witney, Oxfordshire

The practical training took place at a designated site in Witney, providing a perfect backdrop for this high-tech training. Participants were able to engage directly with the latest robotic mowers, gaining invaluable experience in a controlled, realistic setting. This hands-on approach not only enhances learning but also makes the training more impactful and relevant to everyday operations.

Why Choose Robotic Mower Training in Oxfordshire?

With the increasing adoption of robotic technology in landscaping, possessing certified skills in robotic mower operation is becoming essential. This training ensures operators are equipped with the latest techniques and safety measures, reducing the risk of accidents and improving efficiency in lawn maintenance tasks.

The Impact of Training with TUPPCO

Participants of this training course left with a solid understanding and certification in robotic mower operations, setting them apart in the landscaping industry. The expertise gained through this training enhances their employability and readiness to meet the demands of modern lawn care practices.


The Lantra Robotic Mower training and assessment course conducted for Chevron by Bertie Tupper in Witney, Oxfordshire, is a testament to the growing importance of robotic technology in landscaping. For professionals looking to up skill in Oxfordshire, this training represents a pivotal step towards embracing technological advancements in the field. If you’re seeking to enhance your capabilities or certify your team in robotic mower operations, consider the benefits of this specialised training in Oxfordshire with TUPPCO.

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