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BAGMA Training Courses Gloucestershire

British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association – BAGMA

BAGMA have been representing independent garden and agricultural machinery dealers in the UK for over 100 years. Over this time, BAGMA have been fighting for better terms and conditions for dealers from suppliers and manufacturers, drawing on the strength of our membership numbers to influence outcomes.  

BAGMA work closely with the media and Government departments to influence legislation and provide support in areas such as training and apprenticeships as well as advice to our members. We also partner with other European trade organisations through the CLIMMAR organisation to provide UK dealers with a wider industry perspective and better representation.  

Tuppco’s Centre Number: 104782 

Consolidate Forklift Truck Services – CFTS 

CFTS works closely with BAGMA (the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association) to develop CFTS-accredited training courses for engineers and ‘Competent Persons’ who inspect their trucks in-house, and can be organised with a local provider via BAGMA 

For peace of mind, insist on seeing the distinctive CFTS certification mark on documents and trucks themselves. It’s your guarantee that the equipment – and the examiner – are up to scratch. 

Only companies that are officially accredited to CFTS can use the distinctive kitemark on literature, certification and reports, and can place the famous CFTS stickers on the trucks they inspect. 
Tuppco’s Centre Number: 1137 

Click on the BAGMA CFTS course below for more information:

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